The APFS/SATF Mentorship Program

The APFS/SATF is going into a second year of our Mentorship Project. The idea is to partner a new to Core French or French Immersion teacher with an experienced teacher to get the support needed.

You may be a new teacher, or an experienced teacher newly moved into a French Program. You may have questions about what happens or should happen in a classroom. You may feel like you are out of your element. This is for you. We would like to partner you up with someone so that you can ask the questions that you are scared to ask others and learn from someone who would like to help you.

What does this entail?

Mentors are going to host workshops for teachers based on their specialty (immersion, core or intensive) and grade level.  We have funding to pay for mileage, meals, and other expenses. The idea is that teachers can get together to find, create, and share resources.  We know that this is a constant challenge for French teachers.

We want to provide opportunities for teachers to ask any question they might have in a safe space and get support.  Many people who teach French are not fluent or skilled in second language teaching, and those teachers are the ones who need our help the most, because their kids need us the most.

We are looking for Mentors to host as well as teachers looking to have a mentor. Please send us an email so that we can match you up.

When you sign up, you will also become a member of the APFS/SATF free of charge!